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Name: The Houstonian Estates

Scope: Whole Roof Replacement at The Houstonian Estates Building

Contract Amount: 570 K


Name: The Woodway Condominium

Scope: Complete Exterior Restoration

Contract Amount: 75 K

New Construction

Name: Broadstone Heights Waterworks 

Scope: Below grade waterproofing, dampproofing, coating at garage and elavator pit. 

Contract Amount: 1 M

New Construction

Name: Sterling A&M High Rise

Scope: Below grade, air barrier, rubber and metal flashing installation, etc. 

Contract Amount: 1.3 M

New Construction 

Name: The Aspire Apartments -

Post Oak

Scope: Below grade waterproofing, flashings, sealants, and traffic deck coating

Contract Amount: 1.5 M

New Construction 

Name: Boone Manor Apartments

Scope: Elevator pit waterproofing, flashings, sealants, and traffic deck coating, pavers

Contract Amount: 501 K

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